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Q. How much Sensitizer do I use with 26.4oz DIAZO Photo Emulsion?
A: 26.4oz Photo Emulsion - 2oz Sensitizer  

Q. How much Sensitizer do I use with 6.6oz DIAZO Photo Emulsion?
A: 6.6oz Photo Emulsion - 1oz Sensitizer

Q: How much Sensitizer do I use with 4oz bottle of DIAZO Photo Emulsion?
A. 4oz Photo Emulsion - .5 grams (1/2 oz) Sensitizer

Q: How long do I need to expose my screen?
A: See chart below for exact exposure time.

1. Choose your Light Source.
2. Choose your screen size
3. Adjust your lamp height according to the chart below
4. Expose your screen as directed.
5. After exposure wash screen with warm water until all unexposed areas are removed.

Q: I recently purchased the new DIAZO Light Kit and lost my exposure directions.

A: No problem - we have you covered!  Click here to download the NEW DIAZO Light Kit exosure chart!


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