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For over 100 years, us here at Speedball have been dedicated to helping create art. While this past is impressive, what’s more impressive is how our wide range of products can help create great art for you and your customers and great success for your business!

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    NEW Gel Printing Plates


    **Speedball Gel Printing Plates conform to ASTM D4236**

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    NEW Calligraphy Fountain Pens


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    NEW Professional Relief Inks



    NO ILL EFFECTS- a linocut print by Bill Fick

    Printmaker Bill Fick takes you through the making of an exclusive print for Speedball, NO ILL EFFECTS, featuring Speedball’s New Professional Relief Ink and Arnhem 1618 printmaking paper. Inspired by classic tattoo imagery this print takes a darkly humorous view of the human condition. A skull calmly smokes a cigar while not showing any ill effects of a vicious snake passing through it's jaw and eye socket - perhaps this is due to the skull no longer being chained to the fears and anxieties experienced by the living.

    SPEEDBALL PRO- insider view of Speedball’s Professional Relief Ink

    Step inside the doors of Speedball Art Products and get a sneak peek into how they bring to life their new Professional Relief Ink. Featuring a water-miscible oil-base, this new ink delivers professional working properties and unrivaled clean-up ease. Created with world renowned relief artist, Bill Fick, Supergraphic black Ink is the flagship color in the Professional Relief Ink line.





    Where to Buy?

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    Block Printing

    An Even Brighter Future

    While our past is impressive, what’s even more impressive is how Speedball® block printing and other products are supporting the ongoing success of the artistic community. For example, in addition to our comprehensive customer service, Speedball® also offers retailers a complete selection of plan-o-grams and displays to help artists better appreciate their options.




    Also, Speedball® is continuously listening and innovating to push the boundaries of what’s possible. From stores, classrooms and studios to the artists themselves, Speedball is here to help.


    Methods to Block Printing:

    • Speedy-Carve Block Printing: The Speedy-Carve Block Printing Method uses and easy to carve flexible pink Speedy-Carve block that is made of a special material that makes it faster, safer and easier to carve than traditional linoleum, but at the same time allows for fine-line printing.
    • Speedy-Cut Block Printing: A special material makes these soft-cut blocks faster, safer and easier to carve than traditional linoleum.
    • Linoleum Block Printing: The Lino Block Printing Method is a traditional technique of creating expression with drawing and textural surface design. There is the opportunity for multiple copies of art prints.
    • Polyprint Printing Technique: Polyprint offers you an economical, easy-to-use printmaking materials surface for use with pre-school and elementary grade children. Polyprint are individual sheets of polystyrene foam with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
    • Flexible Printing Plate Technique: This 1/16” thick, flexible vinyl printmaking mat is easy to cut and mount on a supporting base.

    A Tradition of Excellence: For more than 100 years, high quality art products from Speedball have created Unlimited Possibilities for Artists in both classrooms and professional studios around the world. Speedball is committed to artistic innovation and expression.

    Printmaking Is A Time-Tested Craft That Is Ideal For Contemporary Art Expression: Today with the advent of new techniques and materials, Printmaking has gained renewed interest and unprecedented support. Printmaking begins with Speedball - America’s leading manufacturer of printmaking materials - unequaled for quality, safety and ease-of-use.

    Economical and Time-Flexible: The Beauty of Printmaking is in its flexibility and economy. Projects can range from simple printmaking exercises lasting only for a short session to more complex projects that can be expanded to include advance detailed techniques. Printmaking is more popular than ever and Speedball Art Products is the artist’s choice!

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    Fabric Block Printing Ink

    Speedball's Fabric Block Printing Inks print on a range of fabrics with bold, opaque color, they dry to the touch overnight,

    and remain permanent through the wash--with NO HEAT SET REQUIRED!

    Speedball’s Fabric Block Printing Inks:

    • Excellent on cotton, polyester blends, linen, rayon, other synthetic fibers
    • Are ready for the wash 4-7 days after ink is dry and will remain permanent through the wash. Ink won’t crack or peel over time!
    • Clean up easily with soap and water
    • Available in 14 colors and a transparent extender base! Also available in a six color set or Fabric Block Printing Kit!

    Where to Buy

    Check out our new Fabric Block Printing Ink Videos by clicking the images below.
    Thanks to the generous donations from Wet Paint in St. Paul, MN, over 50 students were able to enjoy hands-on experience with block printing using Speedball's fabric block printing ink.  Select the image below to learn more!


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    Screen Printing

    Paper Stencil Method is the best method for a beginner. It is the fastest, least expensive, and simplest way to prepare a screen. The Paper Stencil Method is good for geometric shapes and basic patters. It is not intended for complicated designs or lettering. Begin by cutting an illustration from paper. Keep the paper flat and not wrinkled. For more accurate and durable cut paper stencils, use freezer wrap (shiny side up). Designs can be cut with scissors or stencil knife or they can be torn to create a textured appearance.

    Stencil Screen Printing is the quickest and easiest way to screen print – going from idea to finished print in as little as 20 minutes. There is no limit to the creativity of stencil art. Henri Matisse was known to use the stencil techniques in the creation of screen printed art.




    This kit is reasonably priced and easy to use. Kit includes one each of the following:
    8 x 10 screen, Red Baron dual edged squeegee, 4 oz black fabric screen printing ink, X-Acto knife, transparency film and full color step by step instruction sheet.

    Screen Filler Method (Direct block-out or “Negative Method”) Using Screen Filler is another simple means of preparing a screen for printing. The screen filler is used to block out those areas that you do not wish to print. This allows the ink to be forced through the screen wherever the Screen Filler has not been applied.




    Drawing Fluid – Screen Filler Method (Tusche – resist or “positive method”)

    Photographic Emulsion Method you are to use a polyester screen fabric. Nylon will stretch with water-based inks and is not suitable. Do not use silk or organdy if you wish to reclaim the screen.

    This is one of the most exciting methods of screen printing because it offers the widest range of possibilities. It makes possible the printing of fine line drawings, various hand and commercial lettering techniques, as well as photographic half-tone positives.

    o PRINTING WITH FABRIC INKS For the most part, screen printing on fabric is the same as printing on paper. Use only fabrics that can be subjected to temperatures of at least 275 - 375° F. Do not use on non-porous fabrics such as nylon. Pre-test all fabrics. Fabrics with sizing must be washed prior to printing. This will assure proper adhesion of the fabric ink to the fabric.


    Five Important Notes for printing with fabric inks:

    1. The screen frame is usually detached from the base and used alone. Usually two (2) people should work on the printing process – one holding the screen frame tightly against the fabric, and the other doing the printing.
    2. On articles like T-shirts, a piece of foamboard, cardboard or paper must be put inside each garment to act as a barrier.
    3. To improve the lubricity (slipperiness) of the ink, you may add the Transparent Base. To slow drying or to prevent screen clogging, add the Retarder Base (1-2 tbs. to 8 oz. of ink).
    4. Wash-up of screens and tools must be done immediately after use. If they are allowed to dry on your screen or tools, they are difficult or impossible to remove.
    5. After the fabric ink dries on the fabric, set a household iron at the highest dry heat (no steam) that will not scorch the fabric and with a cloth or paper between the iron and printed material, iron on each side for 3 – 5 minutes. This will make the ink withstand repeated washings.

    IMPORTANT: PRE-TEST SAMPLES PRIOR TO ALL PRODUCTION RUNS. If inadequate wash fastness occurs, the print needs to be heat seat longer.

    MULTI-COLOR PRINTING Multi-color signs can be achieved easily by making one screen with the entire message on it. Prepare the screen by any method you prefer. Once the screen is ready, simply block the words you do not want to print with your first color by putting masking tape or paper on the bottom side of the screen fabric.

    • After you have made your first run of prints, wash the ink from the screen and let it dry. Follow this by blocking out the words you just printed and unblocking words you want to print with your second run of color. After you have made this second run, again wash the screen and let it dry. Continue to repeat this process until you have completed your multi-color print.
    • Making multi-color prints of detailed artwork requires the making of a screen for each color to be printed. These screens should be prepared before you start to print. Additional Speedball® frames are available for purchase in many retail locations.
    • One interesting effect can be made by having a two color print on overlapping areas. These overlaps can add a third (darker) value to the print. Speedball® Transparent or Extender Bases are formulated to enable screen printers to achieve this.
    • Registration guides are very important when printing with more than one color. Details on registration guides are given in step A on the “Making Prints” section.

    SCREEN CLEAN-UP - An organized work area will make clean up easy. Here are the recommended procedures:

    Use warm water and a soft brush. These inks will remain water-soluble even after thorough drying.

    Wash IMMEDIATELY after the last print is pulled. Use warm water and a soft brush.

    o Should ink dry in the screen; spray with Speed Clean by Speedball® or a house hold window cleaner. Rub with a lint-free cloth. When ink is removed, was with a mix of warm water and dishwasher detergent using a soft brush. Rinse with warm water.

    Wash with cool water.


    Speedball Speed Clean™ is preferable for removing screen filler, although you may also use Greased Lightning. One (1) cup of Arm & Hammer’s Washing Soda dissolved in one (1) gallon of water is also suitable. Instructions are:

    1. Apply to both sides with paintbrush. Scrub with a nylon bristle brush.
    2. Apply again to both sides. Let stand in a horizontal position for three to five minutes.
    3. Scrub with a nylon bristle brush while spraying with a forceful stream of hot water.



    1. Photo Emulsion should be washed out of your screen as soon as your print run is completed – unless you want a permanent stencil.
    2. Adult supervision is recommended for this procedure. Wear rubber gloves and smock.
    3. PHOTO EMULSION REMOVER METHOD: Be certain all the ink has been removed from the screen fabric. Apply Speedball® Photo Emulsion Remover liberally to both sides of the stencil using a paintbrush. Immediately scrub both sides of the stencil with a dry nylon bristle brush. Again, apply Speedball® Photo Emulsion Remover liberally to both sides of the stencil. Keep the screen in a horizontal position for three (3) minutes. Scrub both sides with the nylon bristle brush and flush with a hard spray of hot water. Once you have started removing Photo Emulsion you must not let the screen dry until completely clean.
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    Akua Intaglio and Liquid Pigment Inks

    Professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, developed Akua Inks to deliver brilliant colors, intense blacks and unmatched working properties.  Click here to learn more.

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    Ceramic Glazes

    Speedball® Ceramic Glazes make it easy to Fire Up Your Creativity!

    Not only are our bright, intense colors highly saturated for spectacular results, but every color, every glaze and underglaze, is completely non-toxic and safe. Speedball Art Products has provided a broad range of quality art products to artists on every continent since 1899, (so you know you’re getting trusted products you can rely on).



    That’s why all of our glazes carry the ACMI AP non-toxic label. The reliability of the Speedball® brand name means you will receive superior customer service and delivery, outstanding technical support, and trouble-free quality. Our lead-free glazes and underglazes easily clean up with water, making them perfect for classrooms. Quality, value and superior customer service have distinguished the Speedball® brand as the artist's choice. At Speedball®, we are committed to giving you Unlimited Possibilities


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    Pottery Wheels & Accessories


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    Boss Series Pottery Wheel Warranty



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    Artista Potters Wheel Warranty



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    Drawing & Lettering

    History :

    A century of fine pen making began in 1899 when the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company opened in Camden, New Jersey. A group of English tool makers founded the company that manufactured and distributed steel pens to a fast growing nation. What helped to put the company on the map was an association that they formed in 1913 with two master letterers, Ross F. George and William Hugh Gordon, who contrived and perfected the Speedball Nib.




    In the early days of the twentieth century, lettering signs, show cards and movie titles was laborious and time consuming, due to the only available tools – small brushes and fine pens. Letters needed to be outlined and then filled in . Ross F. George, a frustrated young letterer with his own ship, The System Service Company of Seattle, looked for a method to improve the speed of his work. His search led him to develop a nib with a reservoir, which he worked on perfecting with famed letterer William Hugh Gordon. It was nicknamed “Speedball” because of the speed of the pen, which reportedly cut time working in half.




    The first pen points they products were the square ”A” style nibs, followed closely by the rounded “B” nibs, and not long after by the broad-edged “C” style and oval “D” style nibs. Over the years, the Hunt Company grew with the production of lettering, artists’ and mapping pens, and succeeded in capturing and keeping the major share of the market. The name “Speedball” became synonymous with lettering pens. In 1958, the Hunt Pen Company opened a new manufacturing plant in Statesville, North Carolina where the pens are still manufactured today.

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    Complete Calligraphy Kit


    The Speedball Complete Calligraphy Kit features all that’s needed to begin creating stunning calligraphic art and includes: (1) Classic Pen Nib Holder; (1) Oblique Pen Nib Holder; (1) Broad-Edge Pen Nib (C-2); (1) Flexible Pen Point Pen Nib (#101); (1) 12ml jar Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing & Calligraphy Ink (Black); (1) 12ml jar Pen Cleaner; (1) Elegant Writer Marker (Black, Extra-Fine Point). In addition, you’ll find the superlative resource in lettering for nearly a century, The Speedball Textbook. Offered at a value price, this kit is ideal for beginning drawing & lettering artists, DIY brides and hobbyists alike! 

    Click here to learn more about how to use your Speedball Complete Calligraphy Kit to create beautiful italic lettering



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    Calligraphy Collectors Set

    The Speedball® Collector’s Set” features: (1) Classic Pen Nib Holder; (1) Oblique Pen Nib Holder; (1) Crow Quill Pen Holder; (1) Black & Gold Pen Nib Holder; (4) Broad-Edge Pen Nibs (C-2, C-3, A-5, B-6); (4) Flexible Pen Point Pen Nib (No. 512, No. 513EF, No. 102 Crow Quill, No. 101); (3) 12ml jar Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing & Calligraphy Ink (Black, Red, Blue); (1) 12ml jar Pen Cleaner. In addition, you’ll find the superlative resource in lettering for nearly a century, The Speedball® Textbook.

    Click here to get inspired on how to use the tools in this beautiful set!



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    The Speedball Textbook--Centennial Edition



    Order your copy today!

    Select from our list of valued retail partners below to get your copy of the 24th Edition ordered TODAY!       












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    Bienfang Paper

    Bienfang has been providing quality art papers to artists and designers for over 80 years. In 1926, Sebastian Bienfang founded the Bienfang Paper Company in a loft in New York City to import and sell fine tracing, drawing and watercolor papers to large United States users. As the number of individual artists and engineers increased, Bienfang began to convert its specialty papers into more useable formats, such as pads, sheets and small rolls. Today, Bienfang along with Speedball creates papers for all types of creative expression from sketching and tracing to painting and water color marker and technical drawing.



    Discover the convenience and simplicity of Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens. Get the feel and look of professional watercolors in an easy-flow applicator pen. Excellent for painting, drawing, cardmaking, calligraphy, rubber-stamp coloring and scrapbooking paper projects. Blendable color paints are in the brush and are acid free, permanent and dry quickly. Activate brush color with just a squeeze or by adding water. A variety of wet and dry watercolor techniques can be achieved.

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    Mona Lisa™ Products


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    Acrylics & Mediums

    Speedball Art Products is proud to offer an outstanding selection of fine art Acrylics and Mediums that feature superior performance and unsurpassed quality. Proudly manufactured in the USA Speedball’s Hue Based Acrylics have a high concentration of pigments and are cadmium and colbalt free. Speedball Acrylics are archival with excellent lightfast ratings and excellent mixing capabilities. The Speedball Acrylic collection in available in 24 brilliant hue colors. All acrylics conform to ASTM D-5098, 4236 and are ACMI AP non-toxic. Our acrylic inks also come as a BASIC acrylic set with 6 brilliant hue based colors come in 6 – 2.5 ox tubes that are packaged in a colorful box with hang tabs. Our basic Acrylic Set is terrific for gift giving. For store displays, we also have the Acrylic Paint Assortment with Display that comes with 180 tubes of acrylic paint in full range of 24 colors, Bright new sign, UPC strips with color swatches, Wire Display – 10 fixed prongs on 3 tiers, all in one unit (no assembly required).

    Our Speedball mediums are professional quality used for various artistic methods such as scrapbooking, altered book making, faux finishing and craft projects, 3-Dimensional effects, tighten canvases, or even keep your tools clean after use. Products used for these methods are Acrylic Mediums, Modeling Paste, Gel Medium, Matte Medium, Gloss Medium, Gesso, Canvas Tite, Odorless Thinner, Brush Cleaner and Tank.

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    Speedball Palettes

    Our palettes are a great add-on to your retail paint and pigmented acrylic ink selections!

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