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Empty Containers

 Are you an artist who likes to mix your own custom colors and reuse them later? Or are you an artist who needs a container for that special creative project you are working on? Speedball offers a variety of empty containers in all sizes and shapes that fit every artistic need! Bottles, jars and eyedroppers can be used for a variety of projects that will allow you to mix, store or dispense paint, mediums, glues, dyes, glazes, water and more! Sizes vary from the 1/6 oz reusable mix and paint strip to a 5 gallon white bucket with hank and lid and everything in-between. Need a 16oz squirt bottle with lid or a 1 oz squeeze bottle with sealer cap; we have you covered along with 26 other container choices. Each container comes with a leak proof lid that either screws, flips or snaps and seals with ease.

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