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    LOVE Speedball Ink

    Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your guys’ COLOR INKS! I use them all the time via brushpens on my sketch card work!  

    Artist from Indianapolis, IN

    Speedball Products = Awesome!

    YOUR PRODUCTS ARE AWESOME!!!! I try to spread the news of your acrylic gloss medium! It is bar none the best medium available on the market! I have used it for years & when I am out, it is a bummer & I can't wait to get more. It is SO versatile. Whether I mix it into the paints, use it as a varnish or pour it on in thick layers... NO Problems at all & I know I can trust that. THANKS. You guys are the best & I will continue to tell all my artist friends that they NEED TO be using it. 

    Art Director from Lakeland, FL

    Pink Soap... like NEW again!

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for an AWESOME product! I recently purchased the Mona Lisa PINK SOAP. I was using ordinary dish soap to clean my brushes and they were becoming stiff and brittle after they dried. After ONE USE with the PINK SOAP my brushes look and feel almost like NEW AGAIN! I am amazed and VERY PLEASED with this product! It saved me from having to purchase all new brushes!! THANK YOU again!  


    Sincere Appreciation

    I personally appreciate the hard work of each of you at Speedball put into your work. You make great products, worth of displaying "Made in USA" proudly! 

    Artist & Project Owner from New York, NY

    Real People - Real Company

    It was really good to have contact with a real person and company 


    Silk Screening Kits - LOVE IT

    I saved up and bought one of your silk screening kits and I absolutely love it! It's fantastic. I've used all three screen printing methods and made half a dozen really cool t-shirts. I'm very impressed with the quality of everything included, not to mention the excellent value 

    Customer Mike Burke from Kelowna, BC

    Beautiful Glazes

    I love the Speedball underglazes! The Speedball underglaze colors are vibrant and they fire beautifully!  


    The love for Speedball

    I love your products!  

    President & CEO Chicago, IL

    Big Thanks

    Thank you so much! It makes me smile to get such generous and positive support. 


    Isn't that blue pen holder gorgeous!?

    Isn't that blue pen holder gorgeous!?  


    I LOVE the glazes

    I LOVE the glazes--especially the price. 

    Art Educator from Westminster, MA

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